True innovation in Yacht stabilisation – the Magnus Rotor.

Rotorswing Holland introduces a new stabilizer line


Rotorswing Holland

The inventors and absolute specialists in the field of yacht stabilization.

We supply a suitable stabilization system for almost all vessels up to 35 meters and from 3 knots to higher speeds. You can choose from rotors or fins. We provide the solution for stabilization at cruising speed, at full speed and at anchor. All this combined in one system.

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RotorSwing Holland

Continuously improving its own roll damping systems.

In 2018, RotorSwing made great advancements on the ZeroSpeed version in terms of design and functionality. This newest ZeroSpeed version now provides roll damping up to 25 knots. It also has made improvements on the patented RAKE function to minimize drag. We will periodically update this section with new helpful information about our roll damping systems.

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